Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Go, Nedy Monster!

Do Mother's Day presents get any better than this?! (And yes, that is another Star Wars shirt...)

She is soooo proud of herself. And we're sooooooo proud of her. You GO, Nedy Monster. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing Moms in my life who have given me hugs, advice, humor and more as I've launched into mamahood. I love you guys.

And now for a well-overdue update. :) I returned to work on May 4th and Nedy is adjusting nicely to her Nana/Baba/Grandma/Nana/Grandma weekly routine. Nana has her Mondays and Thursdays, Baba is home with her on Tuesdays, and Grandma has her Wednesdays and Fridays. (Yes, I feel really lucky to have such an arrangement for Nedy Monster. That's a whole lotta love packed into each week!)

Nedy is AMAZING. She is such a character. Her facial expressions, ever-increasing language, already emerging independence, bossiness...she is HILARIOUS. She's working hard on walking and is getting faster and faster with her cruising. She lets go and takes 3 or 4 steps on her own before plopping on her rear with a triumphant look on her face. It won't be long before she's tearing through the house; God help us. :)

Sleeping is FANTASTIC--she sleeps straight through the night in her crib with a rare wake-up once a week or so for just a few minutes. Food is another story entirely, but with near constant teething since we've been home coupled with her life as she knew it being turned upside down, patience seems the most appropriate course at this point. (I suck at patience, by the way.) She drinks only water, so we're finding all sorts of creative ways to work fat into her diet through other sources. (She gave up formula and milk over a month ago and has no interest in returning, though we try milk every day just for kicks. The doctors we met with at the IA clinic at Children's told us that we humans are the only species to drink milk beyond immediate infancy and that the milk craze with kids is largely because of the dairy industry and that we shouldn't worry about it; if she likes water, let her drink water. But get the fat into her somehow, they said...without milk...HA! Not easy.) Needless so say, I have become the queen of the mix-ins by augmenting her food with half and half, butter, sour cream, avocado, olive oil, etc. Did you know olive oil has 125 fat calories in one tablespoon? Anyway, after eating table food well in China and immediately upon our return, Nedy decided to stop chewing. We did a speech/feeding eval at Children's and were told that she was moving food around in her mouth appropriately and they did not think it was sensory related, rather a "phase" of sorts, perhaps tied to the teething. Now that she's popped 3 of 4 molars in the past 2 months (the 4th is still just stubborn points sticking through), she's started chewing again, but now has the lovely "I spit out everything I chew up" thing going on. I am told this is a normal phase for many kids. I do not like this phase. :) Anyway, because she does not drink milk, we let her experiment with chewing table food every day, but then feed her augmented baby food afterward to get the calories and fat in her. Our lives are pretty much revolving around food these days. This, too, shall pass, right? :)

Nedy turned 18 months today. Every monthly milestone (and a million times in between), I think about the woman--the Mother--on the other side of the globe who gave her life and pray that she knows intuitively and with every ounce of her being how much her daughter--our daughter--is loved. I can't help but look at her beautiful little self, laugh at her constant antics, listen to her giggle and think about how lucky I am to be the one to take it in every day. I love you, Nedy Monster.

And now, the photos. :)

Learning to walk is dangerous stuff, wouldn't you say? Just look at my little bruiser. And the pout lip--can you believe that pout lip?!

What happens when you stay home with Baba on Tuesday? Well, you wear Star Wars clothes, of course!

How cute are they?! (And yes, the barrettes have started.)

Learning to throw! (And yes, I realize we will likely regret teaching her this skill.)
Woodworking with Baba is already underway. She is actually really interested in the machines--it's sort of adorable...and scary... Should I send this to Ergo for their advertising? :)

And I know you've all been wondering how things are going with Hank. I'll let you be the judge. :)