Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lion's Den Gorge

Bad, bad blogger.

Anyway, Ned came down with croup a couple weeks ago and I'm sure you'll understand that I've been very busy panicking over 104.6 temperatures, several near sleepless nights filled with sobbing (Ned, not me--though I was close at times...), phlegm, and a seal-like bark that, if not so sad, would've actually been pretty funny. Not to worry, Ned recovered like a champ and is back to her bossy ways. And we've survived our first childhood illness. (Man, am I the only one who thought croup was a thing that died out in the 1800s?!)

So, I've got some blog updating to do. But, I'm tired. :) So I leave you with some photos of a recent afternoon at Lion's Den Gorge in Grafton with a promise of more to come over the next couple days...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Door County 2009

My parents take our whole family to Door County every year for a Labor Day weekend getaway. Being that my Mom is a master planner, every detail is always covered...requiring the rental of a cargo van (not kidding) for the transport of stuff...all sorts of...stuff. The kids have a blast waiting to see what Nana will pull out of her Rubbermaid bins next. Rockets and launchers and water guns (complete with water-sensing, noise-making vests) and glow sticks and craft supplies and bingo and parachutes and sand toys and..., well you get the point. ;)

Ned enjoyed herself immensely, though she's now wandering around the house asking "cousins--go?" with her upturned hands in the air. (Translation: where'd my cousins go?) And when I tell her that they went home with their Mamas and Babas, she says, "ya, home" and nods her head. I love the "ya" thing--it's no longer yes (or "yesh", as it was) but "ya" to everything. Or, I guess it's more accurate to say that it's "ya" to the approximately 10% of things she doesn't say no to... Did I mention she's almost 2? :)

So, Door County...food, campfires, sand (the house we stayed at was built ON a sand dune--like right on the dune--huge sand hills right out the back door), the lake (a 5 minute walk through woods from the house), random roadside honor system veggie stands, shopping, sailing, laughing kids, water fights, 17 million attempts at a group photo wherein no one is blinking or screaming...good stuff. But the photos say it better than I can.

And yes, in case you're wondering, Nana also supplies the multiple changes of matching kids clothes...it's a really big cargo van.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! We really look forward to this time all year.