Monday, October 31, 2011


Okay, okay, at least it's still October, right? I mean, haven't missed a month entirely yet...doesn't that count for something? (Juli, you can't say anything. Your blog is shall we say...silent these days. Renee doesn't even have a blog for me to follow along on the adventures of Bob-Bob and NeNe. And Elisabeth, is this when I comment that you are waaaaaaay too crazy organized, on-top-of-everything, and flat out calm to mother a crew of 4? And that you make me somewhat reluctant to complain how 2 kiddos are kickin' my rear? Don't worry, I said it makes me reluctant, not that it would actually stop me.)

They're kickin' my rear, people. I stand by my theory. 1 + 1 = 3. Our neighbors just had their second child and I have for months now been feeding my theory to Rob in preparation. He confirmed a week after the child's birth that indeed, 1 + 1 = 3. (Unless you're cut from Elisabeth's over-achieving cloth. She'd be... hmmmm... Gortex? Or perhaps just a good ol' hardworking hemp. Organic hemp that is, dyed with organic root vegetables grown in her own get the point. Elisabeth is my hero.)

Back to my point. I promise I will get back to regular blogging. I will. Really.

In the meantime, can I tide you over with some Halloween photos? Good.

Yes, I realize Nedy is carving pumpkins in her Kai-Lan underpants. What? Kam thinks it's funny.
Kam is pretty amazing on the language front. His vocabulary grows by the day it seems. Hot, cold, warm, cup, water, milk, cracker, cookie, up, down, car, dog, eat, break, rip, sock, shoe, ball, bottle, bag, box, toy, cow, cat, gate, sit, etc. His receptive language is awesome, too. He can follow most simple instructions. I love it. Language development is one of my greatest parenting joys. I laughed when Kam saw the goop that comes out of pumpkins. "MESH!" (mess), he announced.
Mesh, indeed. :)
Artsy mesh. :)
Just look at her face. Ohmygosh, they may be kickin' my rear these days, but I adore these little beings to the moon a million times over.
Nedy's pumpkin design. She drew it on with marker and Baba carved it out.
And the moment you've been waiting for. Darth Vader Nedy. Thanks to cousin John-John for the costume. While most of the other gals were bland in their (lame) princess get-ups, the Nedster rocked Vader somethin' fierce. That's my girl!
Neighbor buds.
I take a photo of Ned and Maddy every year on Halloween. They are starting to look...old. Sigh.
And my Yoda guy up from his nap!
He was initially weirded out by the gobs of people running around in costumes in the rain but quickly decided this is his idea of a good time.
Classic. What else needs to be said?
Cute baby. Cute, cute, cute.
Nana and Papa came over to hang out and eat dinner after trick-or-treating.
Little did Papa know that Nedy had planned an hour-long physical for him. He got checked out and even got shots. Lots of 'em. But she bandaged his arm and told him he'd be fine in a couple weeks. Papa was such a good sport. She's serious about her doctor play and still says her plan is to be a "doctor, scientist and race car driver" when she grows up.

So that was Halloween Sunday! And I have an October blog post up! Yay for me. ;)