Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nedy's first snow

It hasn't snowed since we've been home from China, so the little snowstorm that hit us last night seemed like a rite of passage of sorts, what being our first snow with Nedy home. I love the light quality in the morning after a snow storm--how it makes natural light seem a bit more blue, a bit more happy. Nedy noticed right away when she woke up (in her crib! yay!) and pointed out her window uttering a few "hooouh?" noises. I love her "hooouh?" noises--like, "what the hell is that?" baby style. Adorable.

Anyway, we did get out in it a bit today and she and Dan built the most pathetic snowman you've ever seen, but in their defense, it really wasn't much snow to work with. ;)

Should I be worried?

Really, should I be worried? She stood there for a good 20 minutes.

Knock on wood...

Nedy spent her first night in her crib last night! Since our time in China, Nedy's bed of choice has been her stroller, but our discussion with Nedy's PT helped us push the issue of getting her on a good mattress sooner rather than later. We started easing her into the crib by doing daytime naps there for the past couple weeks and decided last night to try it overnight. Aside from one minor 20 minute blip at 1:30, she slept from 8:30pm to 7:00am and woke up in a great mood this morning. Fingers crossed for tonight! (I have not yet removed the stroller from her room--just pushed it into the closet...maybe tomorrow it will officially exit the room. Fingers crossed. Hmmmm...if it can exit tomorrow, I think we'll have to do some sort of stroller-bed retirement ceremony. Perhaps I should get the stroller a gold watch? God knows we owe that stroller. Seriously.)

She looks a bit proud of herself, wouldn't you say?

Drinking update

Parenting books drive me crazy. This whole "don't force your kid to do anything" line of advice that permeates every freakin' book is mind-boggling. I mean, seriously?! Like, the kid decides they don't want to eat or drink and you just let them do what they want? Sorry, doesn't work for me. (Hence the formula via giant syringe program we've been faithful to for weeks.) But then Patient Dan decided maybe he would devote more time to pushing Nedy to take the formula via sippy cup because, in his words, "She CAN take it from the cup, so she should." Patient Dan is EXTREMELY patient.

Patient Dan has won the battle for the past two days and Nedy is now taking 16 ounces of formula (albeit slowly) a day via sippy cup. Did I mention how insanely patient Patient Dan is? So, back to the parenting books, Nedy doesn't like drinking the formula. But she's doing it. And it's good for her. Somehow I think she gets that. And no matter what those books say, I think that's pretty good parenting.

Nice work, Patient Dan. You're my hero. And Nedy's, too. She told me so. :)

More things that happen in my bathroom...

Early on in our life together, Nedy proved to be...ummm...let's just say "disinterested" in baths in the bathtub and we've been doing the kitchen sink version of bathing since we got home from China. That is, until I found yet another use for my Trug. (Trugs are gardening buckets by design, but I use them as laundry baskets, toy baskets, recycling bins, and now I can add "child's bathtub" to the list of 1001 uses.) Nedy loves baths in the bucket. And when it's not being a bathtub, it's a hamper--I mean, how cool are these buckets?! (Oh, and the rings around her wrists? That's the first thing she does in the water--puts them on like bracelets and leaves them on the entire bath. Hilarious.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things that happen in my bathroom...

Nedy was afraid of Francois (our resident rubber koi) until very recently when she decided he was fun to kiss.

Seriously high on the adorableness scale, hey? (And I'm sure Dan wants everyone to know he has sumo wrestler pajamas.)

Hangin' with Nana and Papa

Sunday afternoons with Nana and Papa are so much fun! These pics are from last Sunday because I am horribly behind and never seem to find the time where I also have the energy to write a post. And then someone (who shall remain nameless) pointed out to me that no one actually reads what I write and most people go straight to the pics. Who knew?! Saves me so much time that I might even be able to post pictures more often! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Showering Bampe!

Saturday was Cory's baby shower! We are soooooo excited for you, Cor and Jer! I am just giddy with anticipation. (And Nedy wants you to know that she is ready to teach her how to flap her wings and all sorts of other goofy antics.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hangin' outside

Ahhhh, spring. The first days of unseasonably warm are always such a blast. (And even more of a blast now with Nedy Monster on the scene.) Tuesday morning (after hugging Goosey, of course) we went to Schlitz Audubon Center with Holly and Zhi and then to Cedar Creek Park with my family in the afternoon. Nedy loves hangin' outside. She thoroughly enjoyed hitting me with sticks (see pic sequence below), petting moss (YAY!), swinging, sliding, teeter-tottering, and tube-crawling with some of her favorite peeps. (And yes, that is Nedy giving the "more" sign after slide rides...kid is a DARE DEVIL.)