Sunday, March 3, 2013

house update

This blog is pathetic.  I know.  Moving on. 

I just took some updated pics of the house with my phone...the only camera I've used lately.  Sigh.  I need more hours in the day.  But that brings me to my point about the time drain that is the remodel.  I am happy to say it is getting there and I can, for the first time, unveil some interior shots.  (Remember, they're with my phone.  Go easy on me.)  

Stairway leading from the kitchen to the upstairs.  That window makes me smile every time I enter the space.  Dan designed and crafted the railings--maple and stainless steel.  The kitchen area below it is still in process. 
Common area outside of our master bedroom.  We kept the master bedroom smaller and instead chose to make more space that is useful for the whole family.  This space will eventually hold a low and long sectional--the Case Study daybed series in gray for my mid-century mod friends.  :)  The door leads to a back balcony.  This space overlooks the kitchen and feels loft-like.  (Dan still has to make that railing.  I should post a photo of our temporary railing--it's a hoot!) 
Hallway leading from the kids bathroom (I'm standing in there to take the photo) down to the common area above.  Kam's room is on the immediate right with the stairway just past his room.  Nedy's room is the doorway on the left past the paintings. 
Master bedroom.  Did I mention I have a thing for moss?
Master bath.  Well, part of it.  You can see the tile in the shower in the mirror.  And I'm standing by the toilet.
Nedy's room.  It has a lovely curved ceiling, more closet space than should ever be necessary and that really cool 45 window.  (Now if only there was a mattress on the platform bed...)
Kam's room.  So bright and cheery and with such cool ceiling lines.  And the view out his window is of the gardens out back.  Well, where the gardens used to be.  We have some recovery work to do out there.  :)
Kids bathroom.  Or part of it.  Their shower and toilet are to the right.  This is such funky space; I hope it makes for joyful teenage years whilst sharing it.  ;)

And that's it for today.  Stay tuned for more updates and exterior shots.  More importantly, stay tuned for an update on the kids.  I have so much to share it's hard to know how to begin!