Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A catch-up photo post

Some people amaze me with their ability to stay on top of everything. (E, you in particular amaze me. And I know how much I annoy you when I say things like that, but FOR REALS, you amaze me. I mean, warm homemade bread at 9:00am?!) Anyway, I seriously don't know where the time goes, but here's my lame version of a catch-up post.

The weather is warming up finally and Ned loves, loves, LOVES being outside. And she LOVES her car. It's a retro Little Tykes gifted to her by a neighbor on the alley whose kids long ago outgrew it. She loves this car so much that she looks at it out her bedroom window and repeatedly chants "CAR. CAR. CAR." Adorable.

We went for a visit to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa at the lake a couple weeks ago. Nedy loves their dog Buddy and we all had a great time having lunch and hanging outside for the afternoon. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa have a beach in their backyard! How cool is that?!?

And then there was Easter. Nedy fully enjoyed discovering the wonder of Grandpa's mustache (I've secretly wanted to do that for years-tee hee) and hanging out with Great Grandma.

And there was fun time spent at the park with good friends...

And a sunny Saturday at Lion's Den Gorge Park...

Life is good. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday has become our holiday to host in the rotation of family holiday celebrations on my side. (I know most people don't have a family celebration on Palm Sunday, but Easter takes all of us kids to our other sides, so we do Palm Sunday on our side. Now that I think about it, if we did Easter the weekend after instead we could get the butter lambs on clearance... :)

Thankfully the weather held and we had a great time with the annual Nana-sponsored egg hunt, bingo, and dinner by Dan. (And, just so you know, you're about to see one of the absolute cutest photos ever that I title, "Get away from my basket of eggs." I mean, just look at that face.)

CRAWLING! (The way the baby books say!)

For several weeks now, Nedy's been "crawling" around in a manner that...well, that requires me to put "crawling" in quotes. It's an interesting method dubbed the "lame skateboarder" by our neighbor. You've seen it before or something like it--tummy on the ground, arms grabbing in unison and pulling the body forward while the legs flail about in all different directions. Funny at first, but then you read the baby books and find out that all of these brain connections and crap stem from proper crawling, well, the first-time Mom in me wanted her to crawl the "baby book" way. My little obsession with Nedy crawling (without quotes) was supported by Nedy's Physical Therapist who gave us all sorts of ways to work with Ned during playtime in a way that she didn't realize was actually work. (For the few weeks before, we'd taken a very "it's PT time" approach to working with her and she...didn't respond as we would have hoped. She's a tad stubborn. Just a tad.)

Anyway, our new approach employed since PT on Tuesday has worked very well and she's now doing all sorts of crouching and bending and twisting that she had so much difficulty with before. And she began crawling (without quotes!) with Dan lightly holding her legs in position from behind with no complaining. After watching me crawl in front of her a few times, she is now off and crawling--baby book crawling!--without any help. Every once in a while she reverts to her old "lame skateboarder" habit, but we say "tummy up!" and she gets right back into position. She's getting faster and faster, even on the slippery hardwood. I love watching her confidence build.

YAY for PT.

YAY!!! for Nedy, the Baby Book Crawler. :)


It amazes me how much kids can catch up in such a short period of time. Sometimes I can't believe that the kid trying to figure out how to creep in and amongst the stools in the dinette is the same one who was working on sitting without toppling over just 6 weeks ago. It is AMAZING to watch. (And has come close to giving me heart failure on a few occasions--I know she has to figure out stuff on her own and do her thing, but what if it kills me in the process?! :)