Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the rest of Nedy's 4th birthday...while it's still November...

I have to be honest here.

Truth is, I can't blame my lack of blogging on the whole 2 kids making me crazy thing. We've got our routine pretty well set and we're all humming along nicely. Most of the time it's pretty fun around here, what with the hilariously witty gal and the great mimic himself who is adding words daily. (For the record, I am talking about the kids here...but I am hilariously witty and Dan continues to broaden his vocabulary, too. Just so you know.)

Anyway, I'm not blogging more because once the adorable little beings retire for the evening, I've do I say this?...sitting on the couch with a drink in hand watching reruns of Criminal Minds. There. I admit it.

Moving on.

So it's still November for another couple hours and I'm adding more pics from Nedy's birthday. (From the day of her birthday, that is. Her party is coming in a separate post. Maybe in February. Kidding. Kind of.)

Dan and I decided a couple years ago that we would always take off work on the kids' birthdays and let them pick their special celebration for the day. Nedy decided a few weeks before her birthday that she wanted to spend her day at the Milwaukee Art Museum and then "go eat lots and lots of spaghetti for lunch." Awesome, right?!

So here it is; Ned's idea of a good time:

Teething. Poor baby.
Occasionally I give in to Nedy's requests to try the "big camera." (Yes, I let her. Yes, I know there will undoubtedly be a broken camera blog post in my future.)
"Gog! Gog!" Kamron loooooves dogs. He spotted this one right away.
Nedy was open minded about this series. "Mama, what's that really about?" Searching for a deeper meaning in three primary colored canvases. Love that kid. I made up some line about the beauty of color itself and that the simplicity of the paintings allows us to focus on the color. She played along.
"Mama, that looks just like a dandelion when it goes to seed! I should blow on it and you should take my picture."
Preview of the Christmas photo. This isn't it, but it's close to the one I chose. (And yes, Dan is wearing that orange shirt again. I swear he owns more shirts, but Ned specifically requested he wear the orange one on her birthday because orange is her favorite color.)
After a nice morning at the museum, we did "lots and lots of spaghetti" right and went to Buca for lunch.
Happy Birthday, Ned! You may be four, but you'll always be my baby girl.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nedy's 4th Birthday Party


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Guess who turned 4 yesterday? (insert Mama's *sigh* here)

This will be quick post of some shots from Ned's annual birthday photo shoot yesterday. Our usual warehouse lot photo shoot didn't mesh well with a rainy, windy, 40 degree day, so this year's photos were taken at the Milwaukee Art Museum; convenient, since that's where Ned wanted to spend her birthday anyway. More later on the rest of her big day. :)

(If I do say so myself, subjects don't get any easier than my baby girl.)