Tuesday, March 13, 2012

of donuts and sewers...

Kamron is a talker. Oh my goodness, the stuff that comes out of his mouth! He is big on repeating pretty much everything and labeling whatever he sees. A few gems of late:

Nedy has dance class every Friday afternoon. Afterward, Dan, Ned and Kam drive through a local fresh min-donut shop called Sil's. Kamron loooooooves donuts so much that he actually utters an "Oooohhooohooo" at the mention of the word. This past Friday on the way to Sil's Dan said, "Kam, are you ready for donuts?" To which Kam responded, "Ooooohhooohooo." And then you know what my baby says? Ready for this? "Powda shuja!" Dan asked him to repeat and caught it on video on his phone. "Powda shuja!" (Powdered sugar. He wanted powdered sugar donuts instead of sugar and cinnamon.)

Kam loves watching the water spiral down the drain. Sometimes after a bath he lays his body on the floor of the tub and watches very intently until the last of the water is gone. A few days ago he decided to narrate this activity. "Wah-duh down dwain. Go?" After I explained that it went down the pipe out to the sewer he said, "Wah-duh... dwain... pipe... huh?" "Sewer," I repeated. "Wah-duh... dwain... pipe... sew-uh." Glad we got that series of events tackled.

I love this stage when stringing words starts to make sense to them; such a fun process to watch develop.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hank and the Kids

Late last Fall when I started noticing Hank's decline, I wrote to an artist whom I've long admired for her unique aesthetic and the rather "rustic yet refined" way in which she captures images in stitching on antique linen. I asked her if she would be interested in creating something involving Hank and the kids and I sent her photos. She wrote back and said she would, but that it would take some time as she was loaded with projects. I gave her the go-ahead and waited. Around the beginning of January she contacted me to say that she was accepted to an artist residency program in Wyoming and would have time to work on the piece then.

I was so happy to hear from her the very week Hank died that she was finishing up and would send it out to me. To say this lovely little gem had great timing is an understatement. She titled it simply, "Hank and the Kids." It makes me smile.