Sunday, August 4, 2013


Exciting news!  Nedy graduated from her starter bike inherited from a neighbor boy a couple years ago to her very first brand-spankin' new bicycle complete with basket, bell and ribbons!  She had us remove her training wheels at the beginning of summer and has been riding her little heart out ever since.  In fact, Dan didn't get the "run down the block with hand on back of bike" experience because immediately after training wheels were removed she just got on the thing and rode it clear down the block.  (She had spent a good portion of time riding on a balance bike over last summer and fall, and I think that sealed the balance requirements for her.)

Recently Kam had been asking to have the training wheels put back on Nedy's bike so he could graduate from his tricycle to it.  At a husky 3, Kam had gotten a bit big for his trike and it seemed a good time for him to move on to the real deal.  Of course, Nedy loved this idea, especially since in her mind that starter bike was getting "way too small" for her.  Immediately, visions of streamers began swirling in her head. 

So yesterday she and I went to the bike shop where I let her pick out her new ride.  (Well, within reason. I did tell her right off the bat that we wouldn't be looking at the $500 model...)  Much to my delight and surprise, she skipped over the myriad of pink bikes and found a blue one.  The new bike is BIG--she went from a 12" frame to a 20"--but she handled the transition with her typical grace.  So while the bike looks huge, it's got nothin' on this determined 5 year old.  :)

And Kamron couldn't be more proud of his new-to-him ride, though he did tell me when he gets "wid of dose twaining wheews" he plans to "get a weaaaaallly big bike bigguh even den Nedy's."  Good times.  :)