Friday, July 12, 2013

of violin and running around like a maniac

Nedy is so funny.  She recently started violin lessons, meaning we practice every night.  Tonight she looked out the front window at all of the neighborhood kids running around like maniacs and said, "I know practicing is important, but I would like to just go outside and run around, too.  But, I already know how to play with my friends and it's important to learn new I guess I'll keep practicing so I can learn to play this violin...  Actually, maybe I should practice for a while and then go outside for a while--you know, do both?  Or maybe practice long tonight and short tomorrow night and go outside then?"  

Look at my little gal, already getting the hang of prioritizing and juggling.  She could teach her mama a few things.  ;)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

proof that we still exist.

(Lawn-mowing with Grandpa is a newly discovered summertime delight.)

And yes, Kamron has since gotten a haircut.  Ahem.