Thursday, September 15, 2011

Door County 2011

And I'm back! :)

I can't believe it has taken me two weeks to get the Door County post up. Goodness. Thanks to Juli for the gentle prodding resulting in this 2am post; I am so behind on blogging it's ridiculous. (In my defense, our geriatric laptop's many "senior moments" of late haven't correlated well to my patience level. Not wanting to hurt the machine--i.e. "Dang! How did my coffee spill all over this thing?!"--I've mostly stayed away. Dan assures me he has purchased whatever we need to make this dinosaur function reasonably. Now all he needs is the time to install it. BUT ANYWAY.)

Door County! So my side of our family makes an annual trek to Door County for a Labor Day weekend getaway. This is our...hmmmm...5th year? Maybe more? It's always a good time of goofing around and enjoying the kids enjoying a giant sleepover with their cousins. This year was a bit disappointing in terms of weather; we usually spend hours and hours at the beach but this year found it just too chilly for more than a single afternoon of play. Sadly, when everyone else was at the beach playing, Ned and Kam were napping. We did manage to make it out there afterward for an hour until a storm blew in.

Otherwise we spent the weekend hanging out, eating, playing, hanging out, eating, playing, get the picture. Speaking of pictures, I'll let them do the rest of the talking. I'm tired. Juli, I blame you for this. ;)

Early morning tie-dying--can you believe I didn't get a pic of the kiddos in the finished product?!
Mini golf! Nedy loooooves mini golf. I think she thinks you can only mini golf in Door County because it's an automatic association for her; as in "Door County is next month! That means miniature golfing!!!"
This little guy looooooves vacation. He slept great (a big worry I had) and really enjoyed interacting with everyone.
Ice cream for lunch! (Don't they look like they know they're getting away with something?)
Kam's sideways glance. I love this face.
Bingo time! Nedy was excited that she didn't need help this year and actually won a game. Papa gives gold dollar prizes. (As an aside, a gold dollar may as well be a $50 bill to kids. Funny. Maybe they think they're actually gold?)
Bingo time came with stern sisterly warnings about choking hazards. Eagles Eyes Ned.
The next morning worked out decently for our annual photos; chilly, but decent lighting. Now is when I say that adding 2 babies to the mix made getting the perfect shot a huge challenge...but I guess now that I think about it, this shot is pretty much perfect, isn't it? Dang, we have cute kids.
My brother John's family:
My sister Jackie's family:
My sister Lisa's family:
And us. I should note that I haven't edited or cropped any of these pics yet, so stop looking at Dan's shoes. They'll be gone soon. ;)
Dad and us kids:
Kam taking a break from photo hell to stick his head in the sand. Smart boy.
Everyone. (Wow, there are a lot of us.)
Cute, right? I love this shot.
Cute, right? ;) I can't believe how big my first baby is getting.
Kam does this thing where he winks when the light is bright. It's hilariously adorable. Look at those sandy feet.
Our bit of beach time.
How cute are they? Be still my beating heart.
Board games! Nedy is totally into board games. And playing with her older cousins? Icing on the cake.
Kam and his new cousin, Yubin. Yubin is 4 months older. I can't wait to see their friendship develop over the years. (They don't have a choice in the matter in case you're wondering.)
Kam loooooooves Papa. He says, "Puh-puh" and bows when he sees him. It's so cute.
Some sort of robotic bugs racing on a pizza pan. I'm telling you, we know how to have a good time. ;)
Kam feeding Nana soggy Fruit Loops. Yep, that's love.
Uncle Johnny and Kam discussing their hairlines.

And there you have it. Door County 2011 documented. (Most importantly, a post with recent pictures.)

I'm going to bed now. In case you're wondering. ;)